Practical information


Poznań is the capital city of Greater Poland Voivodeship, not far remote from Berlin. The city is well developed economically and culturally. It is an internationally diversified city with many tourists visiting every year as well as permanent inhabitants of foreign descent. Living in Poznań is never boring – form theatres, museums to well-known night clubs – there is so much going on! The city is the place of international meetings. UEFA EURO organised in 2012 brought to Poznań thousands of tourists from the world over. Malta Festival, Dancing Poznań are the main events characterising Poznań’s cultural climate.

The AMU Faculty of English

The AMU Faculty of English is the largest centre of English Studies in Poland and Europe. There are around 1,800 students and about 100 PhD students. The Faculty offers full-time and part-time B.A. and M.A. programmes in English, and a full-time B.A. and M.A. in Dutch. The graduates achieve near-native language proficiency and are much appreciated on the labour market and in academic environment. They are specialists in linguistics, literature, history, culture, methodology of TEFL and many others.

The Faculty of English is a very friendly and welcoming place for students. It is the place of the highest quality research, international conferences, debates, and cultural events. We invite students and researchers from the world over to discuss their findings, ideas and broaden their horizons. The AMU Faculty of English stands out because of its openess to challenges, tolerance, and friendliness.